Whether you’re looking for miscellaneous kitty visits or daily dog visits, Sierra Foothills Pet Sitting Services has designed our service with the essential goal to provide our incredible clients with peace of mind. Here are just a few reasons why we may be the purrfect fit for you:outnow

blinkpaw1. We’re professional pet lovers.
It’s true.  I Love Animals! But in addition to being ga-ga over four-legged creatures, we’re all self-motivated, friendly, responsible and educated.  Sierra Foothills Pet Sitting Services is licensed, fully insured and an active member of Pet Sitters AssociatesI am certified in pet CPR, first aid and care for your pets by PetTech.

blinkpaw2. Individualized Attention for Your Pet

    At Sierra Foothills Pet Sitting Services, I believe that each pet deserves individual attention when they are in my care. I do not do pack walks (3+ dogs) because I feel it does not give your pet my full attention.

blinkpaw3. If you’re looking for open communication, you’re barking up the right tree.
You want a text? No problem. You’d prefer email? You bet. And to boot, I leave a detailed note at every visit letting you know how our visit went with your sweetie. I understand the value of open communication and you can expect exceptional service with outstanding communication. The phone service hours are 6:30am – 8pm. Have peace of mind knowing you can always communicate with your pet sitter!

blinkpaw4. I tailor our service to your needs.
No request for your baby is too much for us. I am happy to administer medication, massage and extra daily visits for your special one. I realize no two pets or homes are exactly alike, so I offer a variety of services to precisely fit your needs.

blinkpaw5.  Reasonable and competitive rates.

    I understand that owning and taking care of a pet is a huge investment. so I have made the services affordable and competitive.  I offer an assortment of services at different price points to accommodate all pet care budgets.

blinkpaw6. Worry free pet care.dogdigging

    Whether you have to work late, have a day trip planned, or are going on vacation you can count on Sierra Foothills Pet Sitting Services to care for your pets. I will provide them with the love and attention they need when you can’t be there!

blinkpaw7. Making reservations is easy.
Not just easy, really easy! You can easily register on our client registration form. If you are a new client, you’ll need to fill out an registration form so I can go through the quick and painless process of getting your munchkin on our scheduling radar.