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Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your pet’s livelihood.  Sure, vacation is awesome…but let’s not lose track of your best kitty or puppy friend.  You know, the one who waits for you 365 days a year!  

If you are looking for a pet sitting or pet care service, then it is important to spend some time screening the company’s qualifications.  Finding a pet sitter with a good reputation, who is also licensed, bonded, and insured is no easy task.  This is why it may be smart to choose a company rather than an individual.  It is also a smart idea to meet with companies who offer these services and see if their employees’ personalities are compatible with your household’s.  (Yes, we mean if the dog or cats likes the person!)

What do pet sitters do anyway?  A pet sitter does more than ‘babysit’ your animal.  Socialization is a major factor. Why some pet services may even offer training and help to teach the animal skills such as obeying leadership, constructive ways to fight boredom and so on.

The exact methods a pet care professional uses will vary from company to company.  It is often recommended that you work with a professional company rather than an individual, as a group of trained pet experts is more reliable than is one person.  

How much does pet care and pet sitting cost?  It really varies by the services offered.  Other factors worth considering include geographic location, time spent at the house or in the boarding facility, and any other extras.  Some companies offer longer hours, more flexible schedules, dog walking, cat and dog grooming, flea treatment and so on.  One of the most interesting new offerings these days is that of pet first aid.  What would happen if your pet became gravely ill in your absence?  Does this pet care company you hired know what to do?  Is there an emergency vet plan ready to go in the event of an emergency?  All of this must be considered before you plan your next vacation!  

Tips For Traveling Without Your Pets

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