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 5 Great Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

Dog Walking is a Great Way to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Have Fun!
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Steve_L_Thompson]Steve L Thompson

Dogs are not just great pets, but they can also be the perfect companion to anyone wanting to get fit or lose weight! They can be great stress relievers, improve your mood and cure loneliness with unconditional love and support.

Apart from all of these obvious benefits, dogs give the perfect motivation to exercise. Walking with your pet, especially on dark evenings also provides security. Continue reading

The Real Reason Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads to the Side

dogs tilt heads

Are they confused? Are they curious? Or are they simply just being adorable?


We all know how impossible it is to say no to those puppy eyes. And, when combined with that innocent-looking tilt of their head, we are, let’s face it, putty in our dog’s hands.

But why do they tilt their heads? Are they being inquisitive and wondering what we are thinking or are they trying to tell us something much more meaningful?

Well, according to Mental Floss, there’s a science behind it: Dogs are trying to tell us that they care (heart melts instantly). Apparently, when a dog tilts its head, it’s a symbol that they are showing us empathy and that they are engaged. It’s not surprising, really, as we all know how in tune with our emotions dogs can be.

If you think about it, we humans do it, too. When someone tells us about a sad story or some unfortunate news, we often tilt our heads in a caring way.

It is also said that dogs tilt their heads so that they can hear us better. Although they are known for their amazing hearing, they can sometimes find it hard to locate exactly where the sound is coming from. And tilting their heads adjusts their ears and allows them to pinpoint the exact source and tone of a voice more clearly.

In short, dogs are adorable. Maybe they really do have the credentials to be our best friends or, at least, excellent listeners.

From: Good Housekeeping UK

From: Good Housekeeping



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