5 Questions to Ask Your Pet Sitter


Hello, Marty Becker here, America’s veterinary here with Mowy to talk about finding a pet sitter.

Often when we need someone to take care for pets, we use a family member a friend even a student but you have to ask yourself do you want someone unsupervised in our house? What if there’s an emergency like a pet is sick or a pet escapes, would they be able to handle it?

Well often we turn to a professional to take care of our pets.
Well there’s a few questions you need to ask somebody that’s a professional that’s going to take care of your pets.

1.  Are you licensed bonded and insured and do you belong to any professional organizations?
That shows a commitment to your profession.

2.  Can you provide references from veterinarians and other pet owners?
It’s always good if they know who you are and can give recommendations.

3.  Are you comfortable with my pet?  Do they show positive repore with your pet and would be able to handle any kind of emergencies?

4.  Also, are they able to give you updates with pictures and information?
 There should be no miscommunications regarding your pet’s care especially with the technologies that are available to us now.

5. And finally, have they made contingency plans?
 If there’s some kind of an emergency and they were not able to take care of your pet,
have they made provisions for somebody to be able to do it?

I’ll tell you what, if you find a great pet sitter that (look at that tail wag on Mowy) loves your pet, is going to take good care in an emergency, is going to communicate with you the entire time you’re gone, you’re search is complete.

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